About Me

The Hackney Pantry - a journal of recipes created in my tiny Hackney kitchen 
(Disclaimer - I'm afraid I don't actually have a pantry, one day, sigh!)

I love conjuring up recipes but am pretty useless at writing them down and subsequently we hardly ever manage to make the same dish twice! So I started The Hackney Pantry in early 2013 as a way of journalling my experiments with food. I've always loved food, possibly even been obsessed with it. In fact my great friend Janna set me up with my husband to be because we both couldn't stop talking about food! Earlier this year I decided to take a leap from my desk job in the art world and do something more creative again. I took a photography class so that I could try and do the recipes some justice, subsequently everything you see here is snapped by me - I'm still learning though so bear with me! So here we are, my tiny kitchen, a camera and some hungry readers (I hope!)....


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