A little pancake round up

We love pancake day. The best excuse to eat sweet things for dinner we ever did hear of. But if you fancy it, there are plenty more options than simple (but delicious) lemon and sugar or nutella.

I've written before about how Pancake day is my one of my favourite "holidays" and these chickpea pancakes are still an oldie but a goodie. This year to give you some inspiration we thought we'd do a quick round up of a few of our favourite recipes from around the web to give you some new ideas and a head start to spice things up a bit.

1. Revolutionary Pancakes - My New Roots

I have to say these are incredible - you'd simply never think that just some soaked grains blitzed up would transform to make pancakes but they turn out just beautifully. They are very different to your traditional pancakes but if you fancy trying something different and are looking for a flour free, vegan option, give these a try.

2. Flour Free Banana and Blueberry Pancakes - Green Kitchen Stories

Another flour free option these pack in lots of eggs so are high in protein too, combined with the bananas these are really filling. Naturally sweet these are a great alternative to traditional American pancakes. 

3. Green and Grain Free Pancakes - A Tasty Love Story

These super savoury pancakes are great for a good protein and greens hit in one go - try making some extras and using them as wraps for lunch the next day, we think they'd be delicious with some smoked salmon and creme fraiche stuffed inside too if you don't fancy chicken.

4. Leftover Squash Pancakes - Jamie Oliver

Those of you who came to our Acton Pantry brunch pop-up may have tried our own squash pancakes which we served with date syrup, tahini sauce and crispy bacon. If you fancy trying them for yourself this Jamie Oliver recipe is a close match. 

5. Carrot and Chickpea Pancake - Anna Jones

If you fancy trying something slightly different to our own chickpea pancake this Anna Jones recipe with plenty of added goodies from the carrots sounds like a great option - and that lemon spiked dressing would be great on so many of these savoury options!

6. Green Pancakes Stuffed with Mushrooms and Kale - Honestly Healthy

As for the Hackney Pantry kitchen, tomorrow we'll be having a version of these green Honestly Healthy beauties - replacing the teff and gluten free flour for wholemeal spelt flour these are super simple and ready for lots of different fillings - never content with just one filling we'll have a spread of smoked salmon, Anna Jone's lemon dressing (see no.5) and lots of the kale and mushroom filling. Oh and let's not forget some classic crepes with lemon and sugar to finish off - it just wouldn't be the same otherwise!