Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa for Pulled pork

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa for Pulled pork

On Friday night we had some friends over for a really lovely catch up dinner. I wanted to make something that would be super delicious and also comforting and after a hard week at work, not too strenuous! (I'm sensing a theme running here..! Ha!)

I'm kinda obsessed with tacos, but since moving offices don't manage to get my weekly mexican fix as we don't really have any good places nearby (they are few and far between in London, but if anyone has good recommendations near EC1 let me know!). So making them at home is the next best thing, and who can resist a good taco? With plenty of oozy pulled pork when having friends over for dinner... Not I! In fact these were so delicious I completely forgot to photograph them on the evening, and so had to make them again the day after just so you guys could see photos - its a hard life! ;)

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa

I'm usually a pretty classic girl when making taco's - you've just gotta have sour cream, pico de galo (basically, tomato salsa, but sounds better,

try this recipe

), and guacamole. Sometimes I want cheese too - usually feta, sometimes grated mozzarella or cheddar if I'm feeling really cheesy. With pulled pork I want BBQ sauce, just to make it really tex mex (I'll keep perfecting my BBQ sauce recipe and when I do I'll post it here). Maybe some radishes, or shredded white cabbage if I want a few veggies thrown in. Oh and green hot sauce too. This time I wanted all of those things, and something a bit different too - that's where this salsa recipe comes in.

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa for Pulled pork

I must admit that I've had a large jar of preserved lemon's sitting on my pantry shelf for a really long time. I made them last year, dutifully left them to cure and then promptly forgot about them. It was only when my auntie gave us a jar of her own home made preserved lemons as a gift that I realised we really needed to get into preserved lemons. So that's what I've done! My mission has been to try out as many different recipes as possible as I'm guessing there might be quite a few of you out there who have a stash languishing at the back of the cupboard? Maybe you bought them for that massively complicated Ottolenghi you swore you'd never make again or your lovely domestic goddess auntie also gave you some as a gift?

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa for Pulled pork

Anyway, however they got there, now you at least have one recipe to make with them! This salsa is seriously amazing - spicy, salty and fresh at the same time it is the perfect thing to top off these rich pulled pork tacos. I'm pretty sure you could use it in all sorts of other ways too - on top of some hummus, stirred into some brown rice and chopped veggies for your lunch, on the side of a spicy curry, on top of a grilled cheese sandwich or cheese on toast?! Anything you do try let me know! Oh and as for all those other ideas, watch out for the best ways ever to use preserved lemon's - coming soon!

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa for Pulled pork

Preserved lemon, chill and pomegranate salsa

2 preserved lemon quarters

1 small bunch of parsley

1 or 2 small green chillies, to your liking

1/2 pomegranate - seeds only

Olive oil

Wipe all the salt/juice from the preserved lemons and remove the flesh so you are only left with the rind. Chop the rind into very fine cubes. Finely chop the parsley and add to a bowl with the preserved lemons. Finely chop the chillies, removing the seeds if you don't like too much heat. Add the pomegranate seeds and a big glug of olive oil and mix everything together. You won't need any salt as the lemons will still be very salty.

Pulled Pork Taco's

1 batch pulled pork -

I used Jamie Oliver's recipe

 and then mixed with my current favourite BBQ sauce,

try this recipe

Corn taco's -

you can buy on-line here

Sour cream

Pico de galo -

see here for recipe

Guacamole (I just mix chopped avocado with plenty of coriander, lime juice and salt)

Sliced radishes

Preserved lemon salsa

Reheat the pulled pork in the BBQ sauce, keep warm. Heat the corn tacos in a dry frying pan. Pile all the fillings on as you please and enjoy!