Beetroot and Yoghurt Salad

This has been one of the most popular salads we've made this summer. Something I am very happy about as it is so super easy. The beauty of beetroots is that we are getting great ones in the veg box right now, but we'll also get them through the autumn so we can make this when ever we want a reminder of something a little lighter and summery. Something this pretty and pink will warm up any lunch or easy mid week dinner even when the nights are starting to draw in.

I find boiling the beetroots is best for a salad like this. I tried it with roasted beetroot and it made the salad a little greasy which wasn't nice! They do take a little while to cook, but really you can just put them on to boil and leave them for half an hour or so whilst you get on with something else.

Beetroot and Yoghurt Salad with Raisins and Walnuts

Serves 4 as a side salad


700g raw beetroot
2 tbsp plain yoghurt
1 tbsp creme fraiche
1/2 lemon, juiced
2 tbsp raisins/sultanas
2 tbsp walnuts


Scrub the beetroot clean, add to a large pan of salted cold water and bring to the boil. Simmer for approx half an hour (check after 20 minutes) until a sharp knife slides into the beetroot easily. Drain and leave to cool slightly. Once cool enough to handle, peel the beetroots and slice into 1 inch chunks and leave to cool fully.
Pour some boiling water over the raisins to rehydrate them, drain. Toast the walnuts over a medium heat in a frying pan then chop roughly. Mix together the yoghurt, creme fraiche, lemon juice and plenty of salt and pepper. Gently mix the dressing, raisins and half the walnuts with the beetroot. Top with the rest of the walnuts and some chopped chives. Serve at room temperature.