Fritto Misto @ Street Feast

Summer in London, and East London in particular means really really good street food. It's no secret that the Street Food scene continues to boom and is largely responsible for the revolution that is happening across London's restaurant scene too. 

So we were delighted when Street Feast asked us if we'd join them for their first ever #BloggerSaturday last Saturday.

It was our first foray into the world of street food (that is, preparing it, rather than eating it! We have certainly eaten our fair share of street food in the past). We decided to make Fritto Misto with squid, king prawns and courgette fries with home made Aioli inspired by our travels to Italy last year (see photo for the vibe - crispy, salty, garlicky goodness in a cone).

It was quite a journey devising the menu, finding suppliers, ordering massive amounts of squid, getting covered in ink during the prep, rolling 100 paper cones, sourcing equipment etc. etc. ! And all in 3 days! Little did this prepare us for the onslaught that actually came at the event - wow it was an experience. T and I were a mad whirlwind of activity and so popular were our little cones of goodness we sold out in a few hours. 

WOW - we were literally pooped, but nothing could wipe the huge beams off our faces - I can't think of anything I enjoy better than serving my food to hungry and appreciative lovely people! What a day!

Emelia FellowsComment