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Our food is modern, flavourful and balanced. Incredible produce is our starting point.

We go against the grain of traditional stodgy or bland catering for events and the modern trends for clean eating and special diets.

Instead we create beautiful, balanced food that excites you and leaves you feeling nourished and energised afterwards. That might be a piece of grass fed meat, a beautiful ripe cheese or a grain bowl packed with veggies.

We take the best quality, seasonal and local produce and use these incredible products as the starting point to create vibrant modern dishes inspired by global cuisines.


Emelia ward - founder

Emelia and her family are obsessed with food, every special occasion is an excuse for an overflowing feast.

Cooking and eating her way round the world, from New York to Florence, Emelia has taken a pinch of every place to inspire her cooking style.

Nearly 20 years of not eating meat taught her to take a creative approach to developing new and interesting recipes - The Hackney Pantry started as a project to document these adventures in the kitchen, never making the same recipe twice. Enjoying many a decadent fine dining meal and introducing meat into her diet inspired Emelia to focus on finding the most balanced and vibrant ways to eat at home.

Working in the art world in sponsorship, events and fundraising, Emelia started to explore bringing people together around her food. Dinner parties turned into supper clubs and yoga brunches and from there The Hackney Pantry grew.